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becker-aero implemented a country-wide ADS-B surveillance network across Pakistan

Ettlingen, 11.10.2022

In 2022 becker-aero successfully finished a country-wide ADS-B surveillance network in Pakistan, where several sites in different challenging environments have been equipped with the XAero sensors and supporting CNS/ATM equipment.

To improve the existing radar coverage and to ensure airspace surveillance, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) decided to implement the latest technology of surveillance – ADS-B. becker-aero GmbH, a specialist in surveillance technology, was awarded by PCAA, based on the small, compact, robust and weather-resistant ADS-B technology of our XAero.

“Although the COVID-19 pandemic had hit the aviation sector quite hard, however, becker-aero used this challenging period to enhance our surveillance technologies in a fruitful collaboration with our customers. With such mutual efforts and approaches, we are pleased to ensure our customer relations”, says Dominik Helff, Managing Director of the becker-aero GmbH. “We appreciate and are confident to support our customer PCAA with our competence as well as enhanced CNS/ATM solution within the warranty period and future”.

becker-aero had convinced with a long-term experience and surveillance expertise as well as originality of the products. The XAero ADS-B sensor system was designed to supply a surveillance solution to enhance existing radar surveillance coverage by a higher accuracy or where a radar site could not be placed – for example in a harsh environment like mountainous terrain. Furthermore, the ADS-B sensor system will be augmented by a customised Local Control and Monitoring System (LCMS), which is interconnected to the Remote Control and Monitoring Systems (RCMS) operated by the maintenance department within the respective ACC. The implemented surveillance system is completed by a comprehensive Controller Working Position (CWP) system, including an air situation display for the defined Flight Information Regions (FIRs) as contingency to the operational Air Traffic Management (ATM) centre.



More about becker-aero’s products can be found here.

About becker-aero

becker-aero was founded in January 2014 by experienced engineers and managers, aiming to implement their innovative ideas in the field of aeronautical technology. Since 2016 becker-aero is part of the BuCET Group which associates several international companies operating in different industries. becker-aero’s principal area of expertise is Air Traffic Control (ATC), Airspace Surveillance and Air Traffic Management. Our portfolio includes a wide range of surveillance solutions, e.g., the ADS-B sensor XAero, multilateration system XMLAT, airport/airspace surveillance radar XASR, vehicle transmitter XVT, such as different software solutions for display and monitoring – XTD/ XCMS/ XCWP.


More details on our products can be found on our website: Or please contact us. Phone: +49 (0) 72439493370 or email:


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