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becker-aero awarded by German Airspace & Space Aviation (DLR), for the research project – ‘aviosense’

Ettlingen, 20.12.2022


In 2020, becker-aero was awarded for a research project to evaluate to what extent current meteorological Mode-S could enable better flight planning. The research program is being pursued in a technical collaboration with Skysquitter GmbH and the Technical University Braunschweig (TUBS).

“aviosense” is a research program to essentially evaluate, if the freely receivable data, that is transmitted by airplanes and received by an ADS-B sensor, could be used to improve flight planning while including meteorological data – wind and turbulence - into that process.

To further investigate and evaluate this opportunity, the DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) granted becker-aero GmbH and the TU Braunschweig the subsidy to start the research project ‘aviosense’. In order to achieve most valuable outcome, becker-aero also collaborates with Skysquitter GmbH to bring together talented CNS/ATM engineers throughout Germany to analyse the gathered meteorological data and develop an algorithm to incorporate them into existing software tools as well as developing new innovative software features.

During the last two years, becker-aero and Skysquitter concentrated on several theoretical studies, analysis and the development of new software features to produce a beneficial outcome and result of the gathered meteorological data. In cooperation with TUBS various test flights were performed to gather real-time data and to verify different approaches as well as strategies.

'We as a company which is working in the field of surveillance technologies for quite some time, we are invested to improve our product portfolio continuously. Therefore, we appreciate to be supported by experienced partners like Skysquitter and TUBS for this research program.’, said Dominik Helff, CEO of becker-aero GmbH.

The research program is still on-going, but based on the gathered data as of today, valuable analysis were done and positively verified during the flight tests. It is considered that further investigations have to be made to achieve the expected outcome and solution to improve the flight planning procedures.

“Skysquitter is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with professional industry partners on the use of Mode-S data and to support with our experience. We are excited to be part of this research project and look forward to shared success”, stated by Julian Sube, Managing Director of Skysquitter GmbH.



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About becker-aero

becker-aero was founded in January 2014 by experienced engineers and managers, aiming to implement their innovative ideas in the field of aeronautical technology. Since 2016 becker-aero is part of the BuCET Group which associates several international companies operating in different industries. becker-aero’s principal area of expertise is Air Traffic Control (ATC), Airspace Surveillance and Air Traffic Management. Our portfolio includes a wide range of surveillance solutions, e.g., the ADS-B sensor XAero, vehicle transmitter XVT, several radar system solutions, such as different software solutions for display and monitoring – XTD/ XCMS/ XCWP.

About Skysquitter

Skysquitter is a company in the aerospace industry with a specialization in airspace surveillance founded in 2017. The company's portfolio reflects the founders' many years of experience in the fields of aviation and air traffic control. Skysquitter is a flexible and reliable partner in the implementation and support of individual and highly specialized projects and operates the non-crowdsourced European Mode-S receiving network SSN.


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