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becker-aero supports British partner Mobile ATC Ltd. to improve landing and approach surveillance on military base in the Middle East

Ettlingen, 26.01.2024


In 2022 becker-aero collaborates with Mobile ATC for the first official time by suppling the XAero ADS-B System for an air traffic control improvement military project in the Middle East.

In February 2022, becker-aero received the official order from Mobile ATC and was able to complete the design phase as well as a factory acceptance test and training at our plant in Germany within two (02) months. Due to an extensive turnkey project, which was supervised and managed by Mobile ATC, the project was successfully completed in 2023.

The XAero ADS-B system was the perfect addition for the air traffic control management system that Mobile ATC offered the customer. With the XAero’s compact and small design, it could easily be incorporated into the existing system design, with little effort. The installation at the base as well as the software integration are very intuitive.

“The XAero ADS-B system was selected due to its compact size and ability to work as a standalone sensor with simple installation. The display provides all the information required by the end user, delivering situational awareness for their operations. becker-aero were a pleasure to work with and provided technical support throughout the project”, said Colin Chapman, Managing Director of Mobile ATC Ltd.

becker-aero is very pleased to have formed such a good business relationship with our customer. This makes the collaboration on such projects smooth and easy to handle without compromising quality or time. Moreover, the working process with the team from Mobile ATC Ltd. was also a pleasant experience where both parties could also exchange valuable insight and knowledge about the industry.

“It is always as pleasure to work with like-minded passionate people. Our teams both profited from exchanging knowledge and different experiences. Furthermore, we are always interested in expanding our portfolio, so the collaboration with Mobile ATC and the XAero’s installation on a mobile ATC tower was a new and great opportunity”, states Dominik Helff, Managing Director of the becker-aero GmbH.



About Mobile ATC

Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems Ltd (MATC) is a British SME that designs, manufactures, and integrates mobile and modular Air Traffic Control facilities as well as mobile medical facilities for use in hostile environments. The MATC team are dedicated, experienced professionals who have developed excellent long-term relationships with customers and suppliers across their business. A thorough understanding of the marketplace underpins our ability to provide bespoke mobile tower solutions and mobile medical solutions on time and on budget to civil and military customers alike. All our solutions are designed for simple, rapid deployment by the minimum number of people. Mobile ATC towers can be used to establish safe air traffic control for smaller airports, military deployments, airport VCR refurbishments, disaster relief or special events worldwide. Our 4×4 Off Road Clinic (ORC) provides an ideal solution for projecting medical assistance to remote areas where safe, sterile medical facilities are required either as a temporary solution or for mobile outreach projects.

About becker-aero

becker-aero was founded in January 2014 by experienced engineers and managers, aiming to implement their innovative ideas in the field of aeronautical technology. Since 2016 becker-aero is part of the BuCET Group which associates several international companies operating in different industries. becker-aero’s principal area of expertise is Air Traffic Control (ATC), Airspace Surveillance and Air Traffic Management. Our portfolio includes a wide range of surveillance solutions, e.g., the ADS-B sensor XAero, multilateration system XMLAT, airport/airspace surveillance radar XASR, vehicle transmitter XVT, such as different software solutions for display and monitoring – XTD/ XCMS/ XCWP.


More details on our products can be found on our website: Or please contact us. Phone: +49 (0) 72439493370 or email:


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