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becker-aero collaborates with Cambridge Pixel to improve ADS-B coverage

To supply customers with state-of-the-art technology, becker-aero, improves the XAero’s coverage with the ASD-100 and SPx Fusion from Cambridge Pixel.


becker-aero provides its customer, with the knowledge of more than 10 years, a great all-in-one Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver solution. With successful projects all over the world, customers appreciate the easy and uncomplicated solution of the XAero.


‘As a result of the collaboration with Cambridge Pixels and the custom adaptions to the software, we at becker-aero, were able to provide our customers an enhanced display tool with the ASD-100 application. Engineers at Cambridge Pixels were able to customise the software to the specific needs of our clients, e.g., support for SKyVector charts. Thus, we were able to offer our product to a wider range of interested parties.’, said Dominik Helff, CEO of becker-aero.


Cambridge Pixel is an employee-owned company, specialising in the development of sensor processing and display solutions. It is a world-leading supplier of software-based radar tracking and scan conversion solutions through its modular SPx software, and HPx hardware product range. With providing becker-aero with a combination of their SPx Fusion and ASD-100, Cambridge Pixel contributed on improving the ADS-B coverage and safety for air-borne operations.


As ADS-B solutions are often desired in areas where radar sites simply could not be placed, it is becker-aero’s goal to supply solutions for ground control crews, which allows them to support the aviators on board. In mountainous terrains, becker-aero’s ADS-B solutions provide an option to make flying safer and to improve air traffic surveillance. The XDAVIS (Technical and Monitoring Display) in accordance with the ASD-100 application of Cambridge Pixel is a perfect solution for becker-aero’s customers.

Software Engineer, David Rosic, said: ‘The used SKyVector charts in cooperation with the ASD-100 application work wonderfully. We are very glad Cambridge Pixel implemented this feature.’ To ensure a smooth working process our engineers received specialist training from Cambridge Pixel and support from their engineers to provide customer the best preparation for using our software on-site.


More about becker-aero’s products can be found here. Furthermore, for more detailed information about the XDAVIS, please click here.

If interested, here is a quick demo of Cambridge Pixel’s SKyVector aeronautical feature.



About becker-aero

becker-aero was founded in January 2014 by experienced engineers and managers, aiming to implement their innovative ideas in the field of aeronautical technology. Since 2016 becker-aero is part of the BuCET Group which associates several international companies operating in different industries. becker-aero’s principal area of expertise is Air Traffic Control (ATC), Airspace Surveillance and Air Traffic Management. Our portfolio includes a wide range of surveillance solutions, e.g., the ADS-B sensor XAero, vehicle transmitter XVT, such as different software solutions for display and monitoring – XTD/ XCMS/ XCWP.


More details on our products can be found on our website:

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